Oral History Interview with Jeffry Stein

Oral History Interview with Jeffry Stein
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Jeffry Stein
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Josh Pearl
Jeffry Stein, Dartmouth College Class of 1966. Stein shares his background, and discusses his religious identity (as Jewish vs. a human), and growing up during in the cold war. While at Dartmouth, he joined Delta Upsilon [DU] fraternity and spent a year in the Mountain and Winter Warfare Reserve Officers’ Training Corps [ROTC]. His views on the U.S. [United States] began to change through conversations with his roommate and an increasing awareness of the U.S.’s history and current political movements. Stein describes his process of getting his Masters in Education at Stanford University. His desire to dodge his enlistment in the Vietnam war prompted him to convince Stanford University to accept him into a combined program as a doctorate in Educational Communication. He describes his marriage and subsequent estrangement with his first wife, and his changing thoughts in the war during the late 60s. Stein explains how he got an exemption from the draft, and completed his Masters in Film at Stanford. He worked in Aspen, CO, Hollywood, CA, and Tennessee. He explains his feelings surrounding the motivating factors in the war, what the U.S. should have done differently, and his continued opposition to military use in an offensive capacity. He also discusses his relationships with his class today, and how his daughter came to attend Dartmouth.
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January 29, 2016
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