Oral History Interview with Andrew Paul '60

Oral History Interview with Andrew Paul '60
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Andrew Paul
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Rachel Kesler (’19)
Dartmouth alumnus Andrew Paul, Class of 1960, describes growing up as the child of Hungarian immigrants in New York City at the beginning of WWII; his transition to Dartmouth; and his experiences during the Cold War and after both as a soldier and a civilian. He discusses his involvement with the Army ROTC program at Dartmouth and his commissioning upon graduation as an officer in Army Intelligence. He served first as an instructor at the Army Intelligence School at Fort Holabird, Maryland, and then three years on active reserve in the 2nd Special Forces Group (Airborne), a unit with a then Cold War mission. After finishing parachute training, Paul served first as a Team leader and later as Company Intelligence Officer. During this time, Paul also completed a Masters Degree in foreign service from Georgetown University. He also served on the security team on the presidential campaign of then candidate Senator Barry Goldwater. After leaving Special Forces at the end of 1965, Paul began a civilian career in marketing, public affairs, and lobbying. He was also a political consultant to a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces. A substantial portion of this interview covers Paul's impressions of the Vietnam war and its political aspects both from a military and civilian aspect.
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Vietnam War
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Dartmouth Vietnam Project
Oral History Interview
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