Oral History Interview with Doug Fusonie

Oral History Interview with Doug Fusonie
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Doug Fusonie
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Riley Carbone
Douglas P. Fusonie. Class of 1958. Oral history interview for the Dartmouth Vietnam Project. Fusonie discusses his childhood moving around the country. He describes his father Albert T. Fusonie, Class of 1928. Fusonie discusses his relationship to academics and an English major as a student. He describes his four years playing football, his involvement in Beta Theta Phi (now Beta Alpha Omega), and the political climate of the college. He describes how he ended up going to Temple University Medical School, Class of 1963. Fusonie explains the Berry Plan and how he became involved in the Vietnam War. He discusses his surgical residency at Ohio State University and his growing family. Fusonie explains how he was sent to Virginia as chief of surgery at McDonald Army Hospital at Fort Eustis. He discusses his transition to Vietnam and how he was stationed at the 12th Evacuation Hospital at the Củ Chi Base Camp. He describes a few incidents that occurred during his year in Vietnam. He describes how his hospital performed over 5,800 major surgeries during the war. Fusonie shares his feelings about the war and the Vietnam War protesters. He describes the impact of Agent Orange on the terrain and its long-term health risks. Fusonie discusses how he began working in Greenfield, Massachusetts after the war.
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October 28, 2016
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