About the Project

The Dartmouth Vietnam Project (DVP) is an oral history project established at Dartmouth College in 2014.  Our project has conducted more than 170 interviews with members of the Dartmouth and Upper Valley communities about their experiences during the Vietnam War era (1950-1975) and its aftermath.  These interviews are presented in a digital archive that documents our narrators' memories and experiences of the war and its impact on their lives.  The events documented in this archive took place at Dartmouth College, across the United States, in Vietnam, and around the world.

Our narrators include (1) veterans who served in the US military in Vietnam or elsewhere during the war; (2) antiwar activists who resisted the war at Dartmouth or elsewhere; (3) students, journalists, government officials, healthcare workers, and aid experts who witnessed the war or who were impacted by it while it was taking place; and (4) migrants and refugees who were displaced by the war or who migrated out of Indochina after the war ended in 1975. The DVP emphasizes the respectful inclusion of all viewpoints in the historical record.

All of the interviews in our archive were conducted by Dartmouth College undergraduate students from eleven different class years (Class of 2016 to Class of 2026).  These interviewers received training in oral history theory and method, as well as interviewing best practices. 

The DVP is a collaboration between the Dartmouth College Department of History and Rauner Special Collections Library.

Click here to access the DVP Interview Archive.